Using surveys, our youth tell us what they expect from us and how we've delivered. Check out below what our participant leaders are saying about the difference CGTI has made for them.

Experience and the Impact of CGTI

CGTI prepares youth for the future, higher education, employment and more!


The Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute In-Person Event qualifies as 44 hours of community and volunteer service! These hours are great for meeting organization & club requirements as well as building resumes and college applications.


Speaking of resumes and applications, here are just some of the skills youth will leave our conference with:

  • Leadership
  • Facilitation
  • Communications & Networking
  • Goal Setting
  • Cultural Competency
  • Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making

Youth will specifically learn about:

  • Alcohol & Drug Prevention Programming
  • The Strategic Prevention Framework
  • Mental Health Awareness & Understanding
  • Bullying Awareness
  • Healthy Decision Making
  • Team Building and Group Dymnamics
  • Promoting Positivity, Self-Love & Confidence
  • Creating an Impact, Advocacy & Activism


Youth will have the chance to train and work with keynote and workshop speakers covering a range of topics including prevention, mental health, leadership, career and college prep, and more! Throughout the year, more virtual trainings will be available for free to our teams and individuals.

In person in the future, we hope to continue offereing Mental Health First Aid Certifications to both our teens and adult volunteers.


Overall, youth will leave this conference with opportunities, ideas, data, and concrete steps to take that will benefit them in the future.

CGTI offers students the chance to build up their personal toolboxes with skills, information, support systems and more that will encourage and allow them to grow individually within their school, with their communities and toward the future paths they want to follow.

CGTI serves as a foundation and building block for youth looking to set and achieve goals and make a difference.

Positive Core Values

Overall, CGTI participants have expressed that they felt a strong sense of self, purpose, and a commitment to helping themselves and others, with a significant change in attitude before and after CGTI.

Owning your Confidence

CGTI participants show an increased belief in their ability to problem solve, complete tasks, talk about critical topics with others and try new things after attending CGTI events. 97% of participants feel they have the ability to work with other community members to turn their goals into realities.

Understanding Others

A majority of participants expressed that the highlight of CGTI was meeting new people. Futhermore, attendees showed they are more comfortable interacting with peers of different backgrounds and have the ability/desire to understand others' life experiences.

Creating Positive Change

100% of attendees leave CGTI with a developed action plan to bring back to their community that will create a lasting, positive impact! These action plans address needs in their schools, organizations and geographical area.

Making Healthy Decisions

Of the action plans created at CGTI, 70% are community-engagement based, with 53% focusing on mental health and wellness and 38% focusing on alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) prevention.