Staff Applications for CGTI 2017

February 1, 2017
Staff applications for the 43rd annual Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute are now available. Below is some information about being on staff for this year.

DESCRIPTION: Co-facilitators (co-facs) are those who have completed the PALS and Youth Staff program. Co-facilitators work together in groups of 2 or 3 to facilitate discussion groups. They are there to guide the participants and to ensure a positive and safe environment for them to express their thoughts and feelings of the day’s events and to provide fun and interactive activities. Co-facs will also be assigned to duties throughout the week.

GUIDELINES: Applicans must be 18 years or older and have graduated from high school by July 15, 2017. If you graduate in 2017 and have not been a Youth Staff, you need to apply for Youth Staff before becoming a Staff (co-facilitator).

If you were a Youth Staff for CGTI 2016, you’re eligible to apply for staff this year, as long as you’ll be 18 and graduating prior to CGTI. You are considered new staff this year, since you have never been on staff as a co-facilitator before. There will be additional trainings and meetings throughout the week of CGTI and you have a designated advisor to assist you throughout the week. If you have questions on where you should apply, contact Ashley.

DEADLINE: March 17, 2017 - The Conference Advisors, Riley & Natalie, will begin interviews shortly after applications are received. The Program Manager will do the second round of interviews.

STAFF TRAINING: Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute Staff Training will be held Friday, July 14-Sunday, July 16 at Eastern Illinois University. This is a required training. The Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute will be held July 16-20 and all staff are to remain on campus through the 20th.

COST: There is no registration fee and transportation is not provided for volunteer staff.

FUNDRAISING: NEW THIS YEAR - All Staff are asked to fundraise for CGTI 2017. The goal is for each person to fundraise $200 by June 30. The first fundraising deadline of $100 is due Friday, March 31. Fundraising does not mean we are asking you to pay $200. We are simply asking each applicant to reach out to family, friends, businesses, and organizations for their support in your honor. Every staff who fundraises will receive acknowledgement at CGTI, online, and in the manuals.

?A Fundraising Toolkit will be provided to each person following the submission of your application. The toolkit will provide you with resources, examples, ideas, and an online fundraising platform directly linked to CGTI.

I understand this is something new and I are more than willing to assist you with any of your fundraising needs. I promise to assist, support, and guide you throughout this process. Should this be an issue, please contact me directly.

STAFF APPLICATIONS: https://goo.gl/forms/s6SIyboQ9klZXd3S2
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