Call for Presenters

March 8, 2019
In July 2019, CGTI is conducting its 45th annual Teen Institute, a five-day leadership conference sponsored by IABH. It is an award-winning program that offers opportunities for youth around the state to learn about leadership, healthy choices, and working with others to create better communities.

This year the theme for CGTI 2019 will be HOPE (Healthy Outcomes through Prevention Education).

We are looking for dynamic presenters to empower our participants and communities, as they seek opportunities to be catalyst for change. We have several workshops available for middle school and high school participants, as well as workshops for adult mentors. We would love for you to present at CGTI this summer at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

Our budget for presenters is limited, but we will consider your request for an honorarium and/or reimbursement for travel and expenses. Presenting at CGTI is a great way to get your message (and your name) out to hundreds of youth and adults from across the state of Illinois.

Presentation topics should be related to:
- Substance Use Prevention(ATOD opioid crisis, juuling/vaping, marijuana, & alcohol)
- Leadership
- Mental Health Awareness (self confidence, body image, positive self-talk, susicide prevention, stress management)
- Communication (resume building, interviewing)
- Bullying Prevention
- Teambuilding and Facilitation skills

Teens Reaching and Achieving Excellence (TRAX) workshops will be held Monday, July 22 and Wednesday, July 24 for 60 minutes. Round Robins will be held Tuesday, July 23 for 60 minutes. General Sessions will be held Sunday through Wednesday for 45 minutes.

A firm deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, April 15, 2019 at 4:00PM. Should you have any questions regarding CGTI 2019, please contact Ashley Webb at ashley@ilabh.org.

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That's a wrap!

August 9, 2017
Another year in the books for the Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute and it was one of the best ones yet!

Last month, we held our 43rd annual conference at Eastern Illinois University, a campus that we have happily called home base for five years. This year our theme was "Color Y(our) Future," with each of our discussion groups being named after a color. We thought color was the perfect representation for our camp: a bunch of individuals coming together to make something beautiful and bright!

As with each year, before we could begin welcoming our participants, our staff arrived Friday afternoon for a weekend of training. Between presentations and planning, scavenger hunts and trivia, we we're able to spend a little time bonding and prepping for the week ahead.

The participants arrived to our chorus of honking cars and cheering staff on Sunday afternoon and after unpacking and doing energizers, attended our opening ceremony. We also welcomed alumni back this year for our second Alumni Luncheon event.

This year's opening ceremony was extra special. We were proud to announce that our volunteer staff led a fundraising campaign that raised $26,477! 100% (75) of our volunteer staff exceeded or met their $200 goal, and we could not be more grateful to them and the many wonderful donors that helped us get to this point! With this money, we'll get a 2:1 match from the Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundations! Our fundraising efforts will continue with our 2:1 match until December 15.

The week was definitely busy, but in the best way. We had four wonderful general session speakers to start off our mornings: De'Marco Fomby, who spoke about our ability to influence; Julie Kelly, who spoke about how situations do not need to define you; Fabian Ramirez, who touched on the effects of bullying; and Eddie Slowiskowski, who used the art of dance and music to discuss life and success. Their energy and enthusiasm helped us wake up and prepare for the day!

On Monday and Wednesday, we had our TRAX (Teens Reaching and Achieving Excellence) Workshops. Each day featured multiple workshops for our middle school and high school participants that ranged from starting an Operation Snowball Chapter (prevention group in your school) to depression and stress relief to fostering leadership skills to suicide and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention, and college and career readiness. Participants are able to select workshops they would like to attend based on what skills they'd like to expand on or areas they'd like to learn more about.

On Tuesday we had our Round Robin sessions. Kevin Wanzer spoke about finding the funny in life in one of our sessions and a trivia gameshow about our program as well as pop culture was led in the other. What a great energy boost!

Each day our participants were able to meet with their discussion groups and Community Action Teams (CAT). In discussion groups, they were able to process the day's events, work on team building activities and bond with others from outside of their communities. Our CATs met to identify and focus on local issues and create action plans for their own specific communities.

We also had some special events each day! On Monday night, our discussion groups participated in a scavenger hunt based on our color theme. They were asked to find locations, discuss fun questions with their groups and participate in team building activities. On Tuesday, we had our Tuesday Night Live talent show led by our Activity Coordinators. All of our participants did a wonderful job taking the stage and sharing their talents with us! On Wednesday, we had our celebration. DJ Ritchie C led a dance in the main ballroom with board games set up in the other. Participants were also able to play games, bowl and swim, visit the CGTI store and relax during free time hours each day.

Each year we're are so amazed by what our staff and participants are able to accomplish at camp both in their groups and out. The plans created, the lessons learned, the bonds made and the fun had inspire us to make sure that our Mid-Year and our next camp are even BETTER and to continue finding ways to positively affect the communities and people around us! We can't thank everyone who participated and led this year for what wonderful memories they've left us with, what opportunities they've created and what changes they have already begun to make!

We can't wait to see all the positive change our participants make in their school and/or community over the next school year. We had such a great 2017 and we're looking forward to seeing everyone at our Mid-Year event January 13-14 to hear what's been accomplished since then!
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Staff Applications for CGTI 2017

February 1, 2017
Staff applications for the 43rd annual Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute are now available. Below is some information about being on staff for this year.

DESCRIPTION: Co-facilitators (co-facs) are those who have completed the PALS and Youth Staff program. Co-facilitators work together in groups of 2 or 3 to facilitate discussion groups. They are there to guide the participants and to ensure a positive and safe environment for them to express their thoughts and feelings of the day’s events and to provide fun and interactive activities. Co-facs will also be assigned to duties throughout the week.

GUIDELINES: Applicans must be 18 years or older and have graduated from high school by July 15, 2017. If you graduate in 2017 and have not been a Youth Staff, you need to apply for Youth Staff before becoming a Staff (co-facilitator).

If you were a Youth Staff for CGTI 2016, you’re eligible to apply for staff this year, as long as you’ll be 18 and graduating prior to CGTI. You are considered new staff this year, since you have never been on staff as a co-facilitator before. There will be additional trainings and meetings throughout the week of CGTI and you have a designated advisor to assist you throughout the week. If you have questions on where you should apply, contact Ashley.

DEADLINE: March 17, 2017 - The Conference Advisors, Riley & Natalie, will begin interviews shortly after applications are received. The Program Manager will do the second round of interviews.

STAFF TRAINING: Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute Staff Training will be held Friday, July 14-Sunday, July 16 at Eastern Illinois University. This is a required training. The Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute will be held July 16-20 and all staff are to remain on campus through the 20th.

COST: There is no registration fee and transportation is not provided for volunteer staff.

FUNDRAISING: NEW THIS YEAR - All Staff are asked to fundraise for CGTI 2017. The goal is for each person to fundraise $200 by June 30. The first fundraising deadline of $100 is due Friday, March 31. Fundraising does not mean we are asking you to pay $200. We are simply asking each applicant to reach out to family, friends, businesses, and organizations for their support in your honor. Every staff who fundraises will receive acknowledgement at CGTI, online, and in the manuals.

?A Fundraising Toolkit will be provided to each person following the submission of your application. The toolkit will provide you with resources, examples, ideas, and an online fundraising platform directly linked to CGTI.

I understand this is something new and I are more than willing to assist you with any of your fundraising needs. I promise to assist, support, and guide you throughout this process. Should this be an issue, please contact me directly.

STAFF APPLICATIONS: https://goo.gl/forms/s6SIyboQ9klZXd3S2
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Call for Presenters - CGTI 2017

February 1, 2017
July 16 through 20, CGTI is conducting its 43rd annual Teen Institute. We are looking for dynamic presenters to empower our participants and communities, as they seek opportunities to be catalyst for change. We have several workshops available for middle school and high school participants, as well as workshops for adult mentors.

Our budget for presenters is limited, but we will consider your request for an honorarium and/or reimbursement for travel and expenses. Presenting at CGTI is a great way to get your message (and your name) out to hundreds of youth and adults from across the state of Illinois.

Presentation topics should be related to underage drinking prevention, youth leadership, health, wellness, safety, skill building, life skills training or similar topics. Please feel free to pass this information along too!

Teens Reaching and Achieving Excellence (TRAX) Workshops will be held Monday, July 17 and Wednesday, July 19. Round Robins will be held Tuesday, July 18. General Sessions will be held Monday through Wednesday.

A firm deadline for submitting a proposal is Wednesday, March 1. Should you have any questions regarding CGTI 2017, please contact Ashley Webb at ashley@ilabh.org or call 217.528.7335 ext. 12.

Submit your proposal today! https://goo.gl/forms/egjD1ytWwBYGFaov1
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2017 Mid-Year Conference

January 31, 2017
The 2017 Mid-Year Conference was held Saturday, January 15-Sunday, January 16, 2017 in Normal, IL. This year CGTI collaborated with Operation Snowball, Inc. to provide additional training, skill building workshops, and action planning time to OS Chapters.

We had over 300 people register for this year's event - our biggest registration ever! We offered 7 workshops, 2 Community Action Team (CAT) meetings, a Adult mentor/Chapter leader meeting, a discussion group that focused on team building, and a celebration dance. All participants are invited to attend CGTI 2017 in July!
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