Become a part of one of the largest and most acclaimed leadership conferences in the nation! CGTI offers an opportunity for students and adults ranging from first time participant to a veteran volunteer staff member.  Participants are of Middle School and High School-age.  There are advanced levels for returning participants.  Volunteer Staff are those who have graduated from high school and have interviewed to be a part of CGTI.  See the descriptions below to learn how to participate, and see a list of upcoming conferences.

Group picture of teens associated with CGTI

Youth Participant

  • Middle School Participants: Any youth entering 7th or 8th grade in the upcoming school year.

  • High School Participants: Any youth entering 9th-12th grade in the upcoming school year.

  • Peers with Advanced Leadership Skills (PALS): Any participant that has attended CGTI as a high school participant and will be entering 11th or 12th grade. PALS applicants have shown strong leadership qualities and would like to take on an active leadership role at CGTI.

  • Youth Staff: Youth Staff are participants who have completed the PALS program and will be entering 12th grade for the upcoming school year. They are matched up with adult volunteer facilitators and gain facilitation skills by working with discussion groups, as well as attending specialized training sessions. Youth Staff must attend the Staff training, prior to the start of CGTI. 

  • Adult Mentor: Adult Mentors attend CGTI with a group of participants and are responsible for facilitating their Community Action Team (CAT) Meetings. They will also work with the students throughout the year to assist in the implementation of their action plans. Mentors also have the opportunity to attend TRAX, Round Robins, and General Sessions.

Volunteer Staff

Leadership Team

The Program Director, Ashley Webb, has a Leadership Team which helps her make the CGTI events incredible for all participants.  To apply for Leadership Team, you must have previously been on staff for a minimum of two years.  Volunteer positions include:

  • Conference Advisors: Conference Advisors work directly with IABH staff in the time leading up to CGTI to help with the planning, oversight and management of the conference.  Responsibilities vary depending on the needs of the IABH staff and CGTI.
  • Care Team: The Care Team is comprised of individuals that dedicate themselves to dealing with any behavioral or emotional concerns a participant and/or staff may have while at CGTI.  They are available at any time during the conference.
  • Headquarters Staff: Headquarters operates as the central hub during CGTI. Staff are responsible for daily operations of the Institute, maintaining paperwork, assisting with registration, and organizing/distributing materials for group activities.
  • Activity Coordinators: Activity Coordinators are responsible for leading activities and energizers for participants and staff. They assign free time duties, introduce speakers/presenters, and are the main source of setting the tone and fun atmosphere during the week at CGTI.
  • Youth Staff Advisor: The Youth Staff Advisor provides advanced training to the Youth Staff on group dynamics/facilitation, leadership, lesson planning, process planning, public speaking, as well as provide experiential learning opportunities. The Advisor also assesses each Youth Staff’s strengths and weaknesses and provides useful feedback.
  • PALS Advisors: PALS Advisors will provide training for youth accepted into the PALS program. Using the provided PALS curriculum, they will train the PALS on facilitation skills, group dynamics, problem solving, public speaking and provide experiential learning opportunities to enhance each participant’s leadership skills.
  • Media Coordinator: The Media Coordinators oversee the execution of marketing and advertising campaigns for various broadcast, digital, and media outlets.  They will work in conjunction with the Program Manager and their duties often include designing and implementing social media and Internet-based promotional campaigns, develop promotional materials, and capturing photographs, and videos throughout the CGTI events. 

Additional Volunteer Staff

  • Co-facilitators: Co-facilitators members are those who have completed the PALS and Youth Staff program.  Co-facilitators work together in groups of two or three to facilitate discussion groups.  They are there to guide the participants and to ensure a positive and safe environment for them to express their thoughts and feelings of the day’s events and to provide fun and interactive activities. Co-facilitators will need to fill out the staff application.